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  Common Name:  


  Botanical Name:   Mimusops Heckelii
  Other Names:   African Cherry, Baku, Makore, Douka, Ukola
  Species Distribution:   Central Africa along the western coast
Sierra Leone to Cameroon
  Endangered?:   Unknown
  Grows mostly in the high rain forests reaching heights of 180 to 200ft. Trunk diameters from 4-10 ft.
  Medium texture with straight fine grain
  Color:   Heartwood is pink to pinkish-brown. Sapwood is lighter
  Workability:   Makore has a high silica content that can cause blunting of cutting edges. Excellent finishing properties and good gluing properties.
  Finishing Qualities:   Good
  Durability:   Heartwood is highly durable and resistant to insect attack.
  Drying:   Dries slow with moderate degradation.  5%-6% tangential shrinkage. Volumetric shrinkage of 10%-11%
  Kiln Schedules:   T10-D4S kiln schedule is suggested for 4/4 stock and T8-D3S for 8/4.
  Stability:   Excellent
  Steam Bending:   Heartwood only
  Uses:   Furniture, cabinetry and turning. Used often in veneer form. Also used often in marine plywood and boat building.
  Health Concerns:   The fine dust from Makore may cause nose and throat irritations and/or dermatitis.
  Comments:   None
  Price:   Expensive


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